8 Truths About Paint Protection Film (PPF)

    Vehicle owners adore and take meticulous care of their automotive precious possessions, which is why they safeguard them at all costs. However, it cannot be denied that a vehicle’s exterior appearance, especially its paint, is subjected to various external factors that will inevitably cause it to deteriorate. Paint Protection Film is the best option we have for protecting the surface of your vehicle. Top Geer Wraps has been in business for over 18 years and has quickly established itself as the leading provider of Paint Protection Film PPF. We are committed to providing you with excellent service at the most competitive cost. Located in the heart of Vaughan and servicing all of Toronto, Top Geer Wraps is easily accessible from anywhere in Toronto and the GTA. Learn more by reading below the eight facts about Paint Protection Film:

    Paint Protection Film is Long-lasting

    Wrapping a high-end vehicle in Paint Protection Film is a wise step in preserving the paint for those who own or intend to buy one. Protection films are now designed to last for 10 years or more, all while avoiding any yellowing, bubbling, or residue on your paint until removed, thanks to recent technological advances.

    You Can Apply Wax over Paint Protection Film

    You can wax your car over the Paint Protection Film if you like, but be careful what kind of wax you use. It shouldn't have more than a 5% concentration of kerosene or naphtha in it, and it should be free of dyes as much as possible. You can reach out to our experts by calling 647-542-9727 for more details.

    Properly Installed PPF Does NOT Peel over Time

    When installed correctly, Paint Protection Film does NOT peel on the edges. This problem is generally due to poor preparation or lack of attention on the final heating stage of the Installation. At Top Geer Wraps, we do things a little differently. Read our How to Install Paint Protection Film guide if you're curious about how we do it.

    Paint Protection Film is Definitely Worth Getting

    Paint Protection Film is the best option for all those committed to keeping a perfectly maintained car. Whether you need a gloss or matte finish, we have you covered. PPF will ensure that your car's value and appearance remain at their peak for many years. PPF is almost invisible and protects from swirling. It also comes with a ten-year warranty. Don't believe us? Take a look at our Portfolio page to see the cars we've worked on.

    The Truth About Yellowing, Blistering, and Peeling

    When properly applied, Paint Protection Film is almost invisible. It allows the depth and clarity of your vehicle's factory paint to shine through. Some online users claim that Clear Bra PPF develops flaws such as yellowing, blistering, and peeling over time. It's essential to make well-informed choices when selecting Paint Protective Film for your car. Be sure to Read more about Paint Protection to learn what you need and how to prevent flaws.

    PPF Increases Car Value

    Paint Protective Film helps to maintain, if not improve, the resale value of your car, in addition to being inexpensive for its efficiency. Any yellowing, fading, peeling, cracking, or staining of the PPF is covered by the warranty. We offer tints with a lifetime warranty, and our car wraps come with a one-year warranty. To check the warranty of your PPF, click here.

    Paint Protection is Worth Paying For

    The Paint protection film is well worth the money because of its numerous advantages. It offers a low-cost, low-maintenance solution for maintaining the appearance of your car's outer surface, so you won't have to worry about having it polished or repaired. Read our 9 Reasons to Get A Paint Protection to help you decide whether or not to get paint protection film for your vehicle.

    Xpel or 3m?

    The features of Xpel Clear Bra and 3M Scotchgard are very similar. However, Xpel Clear Bra is unique in that it has self-healing properties. Visit our Paint Protection Film service page to learn more about PPF.

    Final Words

    Top Geer Wraps ensures that your car has properly installed films, almost undetectable to the naked eye, which will last you for years. The only option is to use Paint Protection Film to keep your car's fresh look for a long time. For queries or concerns, visit our Frequently Asked Questions or our Paint Protection Film page. Please contact us by clicking our Contact Page or calling us at 647-542-9727 now!

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