Looking for the best Paint Protection Film Installer around the Vaughan area? You've come to the right place! XPEL Ultimate and XPEL Stealth paint protection are available at Top Geer Wraps. XPEL Ultimate is a high-grade clear coat that effectively prevents paint degradation with unrivaled features, making it one of the industry's leading conventional Paint Protection Films. Meanwhile, XPEL Stealth features a superior, self-healing ingredient basis with a satin finish. XPEL Stealth is easy to maintain and damage resistant, preserving your car's showroom appearance.

Do you know why you need Paint Protection Film?

Let’s break down the details of what it is, and how it functions.

What Is Paint Protection?

Paint protection, true to its name, protects your vehicle and keeps it looking great for longer. Paint Protection Film is fabricated from urethane and has high impact resistance. Therefore its presence on your car will shield it from scratches caused by rock debris, preventing the paint from chipping.

Paint protection is a clear coating of urethane material, which covers the original painted surface of your car to protect it from minor damage that can be inflicted during daily use. It protects the paint on the vehicle's body from rock chips, bugs, discoloration from the acidic nature of bird droppings, fading, etc. However, remember that even though it acts as a protective layer, it does not guarantee to completely protect the car against heavier damage such as parking scuffs or major dents due to accidents.

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How Is Paint Protection Made?

Paint Protection Film uses urethane technology, which involves creating a transparent layer that is applied over the vehicle's body. The military initially developed this technology to protect their helicopters from damage. During the Vietnam War, the US Army's helicopters were nose-diving because of damage caused on their rotor blades' leading edge. This incident led the military to develop a technology to prevent this: a protective coating that was lightweight, resilient, and easily replaced at just a fraction of the cost of the whole rotor blade. The military also used urethane films on the noses of fighter jets. This technology turned out to be very efficient and successful in protecting vehicles from damage.

Soon NASCAR found the benefits of urethane technology in preserving the frontal half of race cars. Their sponsors’ very expensive decals were being damaged due to on-track scuffs at high speed. During the nineties, urethane films finally became available to the general public in the form of paint protection for automobiles. This technology has evolved and gained a lot of popularity in the automobile industry.

What to Expect

Paint protection, true to its name, provides protection to your vehicle and keeps it new and good-looking for a longer time. Being fabricated from urethane, Paint Protection Film has high impact resistance and hence its presence over your car’s body shields it from scratches from road chips and rock debris preventing the paint from chipping.

Protection Films to Choose From

Xpel Ultimate Plus

The unique clear coat on XPEL ULTIMATE is made up of a combination of advanced elastomeric polymers that prevent the film from discoloring due to contamination and ultraviolet radiation. It “heals” swirl marks and light scratches that can occur during regular washing and drying, or daily driving. Contaminants like bug splatter, bird droppings, sap, and road tar can easily be wiped off XPEL ULTIMATE's super-slick surface with a cloth, while scuffs and light scratches on the film's surface fade away in minutes in the sun or the warmth of your garage, leaving your car spotless and the protective film looking brand new. The XPEL ULTIMATE's mirror smooth finish ensures that no undesirable texture, also known as "orange peel," is added to the appearance of your car, leaving the protected surface indistinguishable from the original paint.

Xpel Stealth

Finally, a paint protection layer for satin paint wraps that truly protects them. It is made from the same proven transparent polyurethane as XPEL ULTIMATE film, but with a satin finish. XPEL STEALTH is a satin finish film with the same superior self-healing and protective qualities as our XPEL ULTIMATE film. It keeps matte paint in showroom condition. Matte surfaces are notoriously difficult to keep clean and even more difficult to repair. XPEL STEALTH not only protects your car from road debris and insect acids, but also allows you to wash and dry it without worrying about fading the paint.

Only the Best for Your Vehicle

Paint Protection Film Benefits

Extra Layer of Protection from Scratches and Chips

Urethane protective films protect vehicles from scratches caused by gravel and rock particles. First created by the military to protect helicopter rotors, they are still employed as protective films on military vehicles because of their great effectiveness. Even racecar drivers have taken advantage of protective films, installing extensive Paint Protection Film on their race vehicles to prevent damage from all the grit and gravel they encounter on tracks and off-road races.


The nicest part about these protective films is that they are transparent, allowing you to see your car's finish while still protecting it from damage. You have a variety of paint protection products to choose from, so make sure you pick one that is transparent and provides an ultra-smooth surface. You won't be able to detect that a high-quality material has been installed if it is done by qualified and skilled individuals.

Custom Installation Offers Better Protection

A pre-cut computer-designed kit can be used to install Paint Protection Film, but it’s a much better option to have it professionally cut and installed. Custom kits are more expensive because they are customized individually for your car by professionals and will fit much better. A highly skilled individual would design it specifically for your particular vehicle model. It covers all of the vehicle's surfaces completely and fits flawlessly, especially at the edges. For a smoother, more seamless look and more comprehensive covering, we always recommend custom installation over pre-cut kits.

Warranty Guaranteed

In recent years, paint protection technology has advanced significantly. We are confident in the quality of the service we deliver. We provide a 10-year warranty on our products and repair for any issues such as bubbling, peeling, or discolouration.

Improves Car Appearance

With its high-gloss durability and shiny appearance, Paint Protection Film gives your car a sleek and polished appearance.

Protects Your Car's Integrity

This Paint Protection Film layer protects your car against scratches, road debris, bug spatter, weather effects, and a variety of chemicals.

Gives a Brand-New Look

Paint Protection Film helps with maintaining the vibrant color of your car and prevents color fade under the sun.


Paint Protection Film is cost-effective because it reduces the amount of damage done to your vehicle's surface, lowering repair expenses.

Increases Resale Value

Using Paint Protection Film to safeguard your vehicle ensures that the original paintwork retains its beauty and that your ride looks brand new, regardless of the weather, climate, or terrain.

How PPF Installation Works?

Clean and Prep the Surface

Debris should be removed using a suitable degreasing product. Before applying the PPF, the surface must be compounded and polished to remove any defects.

Cut the PPF Material into Sections

The installer cuts the film material to the required size for installation after the car has been thoroughly primed. It's comparable to a window tint film in appearance. Paint Protection Films are best installed in parts, such as on the hood, side mirrors, doors, panels, quarter panels, or other locations less than 5 square feet in size. They'll line up the film after it's been cut to get it ready for installation.

Use An Activator Solution

Installing a Paint Protection Film necessitates the use of an activator (fitting solution). It enables the film to activate a "glue-like" material, causing it to stick to the paintwork's surface. The fitting solution might range from ordinary water to a soap-like liquid, depending on the manufacturer of protective film.

Fitting the PP Film

This is the most technique-sensitive portion, which is why it must be installed by skilled professionals. When placed immediately, the film does not fit perfectly. Spraying and shifting the film are two steps in the installation of a PPF. When the film is in the correct position, the installer uses a squeegee to eliminate any bubbles or wrinkles.

Drying Stage

The Paint Protection Film must be dried or heat-activated after it has been put in place without bubbles or wrinkles. The PPF is bonded to the body with the use of an industrial heat gun that helps activate the adhesive. It also shrinks the film, making it fit snugly against the surface.

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Paint Protection Film After Care

It’s very useful to learn these basic details about how to maintain your Paint Protection Film and follow the aftercare instructions for the first seven days after you have it installed on your car.

Why Choose Top Geer Wraps?

Paint Protection Film is the final step in protecting your vehicle's paint from the elements, including acid rain, stones, sand, road debris, and bug acids. Don’t let your investment be devalued and defaced by factors outside of your control! Contact Top Geer Wraps Vaughan location, also servicing the Greater Toronto Area, and ask one of our specialists about the automotive paint protection options available to you. Call 647-542-9727. Want to learn more? Visit our website; click  


Frequently Asked Questions


How Much Does a Vehicle Wrap Cost?

We at Top Geer Wraps offer various coverage options on almost any vehicle to protect your investment. Call 647-542-9727 for a quote, or email us at Get quick and easy directions to our Vaughan location by visiting our website at We also service Toronto and surrounding areas. Schedule an appointment now!


How Long Will Installation Take?

Installation times will vary depending on the work's scope and will be discussed with the client before vehicle inspection.


Is Paint Protection Film Safe?

This type of substance is perfectly safe to use on your brand-new vehicle. Because of its safe application, most customers prefer to apply this sort of protective coating over the transparent layer of their vehicle's paint, rather than ceramic coatings, traditional carnauba wax, or paint sealants.


Why Should I Use Paint Protection Film?

Paint Protection Film will preserve your vehicle by creating a barrier to protect front-facing surfaces. It can enhance the future resale value and keep it looking newer for longer.


What About the Quality of the PPF?

Paint Protection Film is sometimes referred to as "armor" for your car. PPFs come in a variety of materials, but the majority are eight mils thick and virtually unnoticeable. Paint Protection Films of higher quality can withstand abrasions, chips, scratches, stains, and bug droppings. Water, mud, and filth are all repelled by the best PPFs, making it easier to keep your car clean. It all comes down to two factors: the film layers' toughness and persistence, and how effectively they showcase and preserve the beauty of your original paint.


Can Paint Protection Film be Removed?

Although Paint Protection Film is designed to be permanent, it can be removed without damaging your vehicle. Add the finishing touches on your investment by having paint protection film applied to your car by the professionals at Top Geer Wraps. Talk to our experts and ask about the PPF options available to you by calling 647-542-9727. Need a paint protection quote? Get one simply by going to our website at today!


Is Xpel Better Than 3m?

The differences between Xpel Clear Bra and 3M Scotchgard are not that significant. The only major difference between the two lies in the better self-healing properties that XPEL Clear Bra offers you.


Does Xpel Turn Yellow?

Xpel will produce less yellowing, but there will be a degree of yellowing with any PPF exposed to the sun. White cars will show more yellow than other colors, but PPF is a must on the GT3. The key is to find a skilled installer. Top Geer Wraps is dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality service, and we care about your car as much as you do. We will accommodate your schedule with our Vaughan location. We also service the Toronto area and surrounding areas. Questions? Don't hesitate to call us at 647-542-9727.


Will XPEL ULTIMATE make the Paint Underneath the Film Fade at a Different Rate?

No. XPEL ULTIMATE Paint Protection Film allows UV to pass through the film and fade the paint underneath at the same rate as the exposed paint. If you're looking for a renowned auto body expert around the Vaughan area, Top Geer Wraps can take on the installation process for you. With over 16 years of experience, Top Geer Wraps excels at installing PPF on all types of vehicles. Whether you need a fresh installation or want us to look at salvaging your current transparent film, don't hesitate to reach out to us today. For more info, here's a complete list of the services we provide. Have questions? Contact us.


Does Paint Protection Film Work?

The answer is yes. Paint Protection Film (PPF) indeed does have an almost magical ability to heal swirls and scratches with heat, leaving your paint glossy and shiny. It also can absorb impact and preserve your paint from rock chips. However, to be clear, it is not bulletproof. The film can be punctured, but the film frequently takes the brunt of the force, saving the paint. If the object that hits the car is sharp enough, or the speed is fast enough, it may make it through and damage the paint, but expect that damage to be far less than if there were no film at all.